26 March 2009

Op-Ed from a Malagasy via the NY Times

My friend Matt sent me a link to this Op-Ed in today's New York Times.

It's an eloquent and interesting look at how things are in Madagascar right now.

Apparnently Marc resurfaced in Swaziland a couple days ago, and rallies are being held to support him in Tana, competing with those supporting Andry.

I've always thought the Malagasy people are too inherently peaceful to ever seriously fall into a civil war, but who knows? We could be seeing the beginning of one here.

It's weird reading the Times piece... every other foreign crisis has an abstract quality to it... I can't really fathom what's going on, and therefore I don't really care about it.

But with Mada... I've been in the neighborhoods the author mentions. I've climbed those stairs in downtown Tana. I know many of the people affected by this.

It's sobering.

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