14 April 2009

Jazz fall-apartitude

Remember back when the Jazz were on an 11-game winning streak, and only 2 games out of second place in the West?

Yeah, good times.

Then Utah decided to go on a tear, winning 8 of their next 18 games, and here we are. The Jazz sit in the eight spot in the conference, with the possibility to move up to as high as the 6-seed, depending entirely on the play of other teams.

Utah will be seeded:

#6 if Jazz win and Hornets and Mavericks lose.

#7 if Jazz win and either the Hornets or Mavericks win (but not both).

#8 if Jazz lose OR Hornets and Mavericks win.

So bottom line, if the Lakers want to play Utah in the first round, they just have to beat them tonight. 

Or, if they'd rather face someone else, they can up their chances to do so by letting the Jazz win, most likely by resting their starters. 

Of course, as the Jazz have shown recently against Golden State, playing scrubs against Utah is no guarantee of failure. 

What a difference a month makes.


LaPaube said...

We were talking about this at work today and I think the Lakers would be smart to throw this game. San Antonio is in gear-up mode, so they'll probably beat NOH tomorrow. And the Lakers can't lose to Utah, but the worst thing that could happen to the Lakers during the West playoffs is an injury. I think the Jazz are the team that's more likely to injure somebody than any other. More than NOH or DAL, definitely.

Steve-O said...