05 April 2009

Jazz win on the road!

It took the entire season to do it, but Utah finally beat a Western Conference playoff team on the road, defeating the Hornets 108-94, behind a 41-point first quarter.

The Jazz have now won five of their last six vs. New Orleans. For whatever reason, Utah owns this team.

So here's the optimal playoff scenarios for the Jazz:

Utah (7) defeats Denver (2)
New Orleans (6) defeats San Antonio (3)

Utah (7) defeats New Orleans (6)

and the Jazz are back in the Conference Finals.

I think it'd work. Sure, the Jazz have looked terrible lately, but in general, I think they're better than the Nuggets, and they obviously own the Hornets.

That said, this team needs some serious re-tooling. Obviously the current group will never win it all, so something needs to be done.


LaPaube said...
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LaPaube said...

Oops, posted a comment before reading the whole post. I was just excited to hear about Ginobili going down.

Steve-O said...

Like get rid of Boozer. ;)