28 April 2009


Congratulations on a spectacularly underwhelming 2008-2009 NBA season, the Utah Jazz. Sure, the plethora of injuries had a major impact on the first half of the season, but then to throw up stink bomb after stink bomb even after your star players were all healthy... that took some skill.

We all enjoyed your historically bad road record, which wouldn't be so troubling if you were merely a horrible team, but you consistently won at home, showing us glimpses of what you could do if only you would.

And the crowning jewel of the season has to be the trend of going down by 20+ points to your opponent, then rallying back to make it close in the final minutes, only to ultimately fail. I must've seen that movie 20 times this year, and you even capped off your season by going through these same motions yet again in last night's loss to the Lakers.

The Jazz organization needs to make changes. When you go from the Conference Finals to a second-round exit to a first-round exit in succeeding years with the exact same players, something is wrong. I'd like to see Boozer and Okur leave, but that's not likely.

Bottom line, if Utah fields essentially the same team for 2009-2010, I think I'll be taking a break from them. No living and dying with the team, no watching every game I can. Sure, I'll root for them to win, but I'll be investing a lot less into the venture.

Prove me wrong, guys.

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LaPaube said...

Wait, you're going to become a casual fan? Welcome to the club, man!