02 April 2009


This is a picture off my back deck from just a few minutes ago.

And one from my front yard.

Now, I was preparing to be bitter about this, seeing as to how it's April and all, but then I was looking back through my blog archive and found this, from June 13 of last year.

A reader asked why I named my blog From the Frozen Wasteland.

Snow earlier today.

Snow on Tuesday.

It's June.

That about sums it up.

So while today's weather may be depressing, it could be worse. It could be an actual summer month in which I'm experiencing snow.


*Liese said...

Way to keep a positive outlook! :)

Jimmy said...

The snow last June was minimal.

More importantly, YOU HAVE A DECK?

LaPaube said...

I hear you, B. The temperature here was down to a very unsatisfactory 61 today.

Nick said...

61??? that is like an amazing day here!