21 February 2008

NBA thoughts

Wow, it's been too long. Sorry for the break everyone, won't happen again.

In our leading story tonight, the second half of the NBA season promises to be extraordinary.

The Western Conference is just sick. There are 10 great teams vying for eight playoff spots. The Warriors, who would be out of the playoffs if they started today, would be a #3 seed in the East.

Golden State beat Boston tonight. And the Celtics are quite possibly the best team in the East. They're at least one of the two best.

The Phoenix/Lakers game tonight was fantastic. Amare was close to Old Amare... he ended with 37 and 15 and had a few dunks where it seemed he'd blow up everyone under the rim. But Nash wasn't able to hit the big shots while Kobe and Pau were, so the Lakers won the latest game in the Kobe/Shaq feud.

The Knicks are embarrassing. In losing big to the Sixers, they were down by 46 points in the third quarter. I believe part of the Knicks' horrible play is due to karma. They were a major reason the NBA went to grab-and-hold defenses in the late 90's and almost destroyed the league.

Chris Paul went off for 31 points, 11 assists and nine steals tonight. Are you kidding me?

LeBron recorded another triple-double in a win over the Pacers, but I still think he's bolting as soon as his contract is up in 2010.

I love this league. I wish I had more time to watch games, but things are a bit crazy right now, what with two jobs, a full workload at school, and a baby on the way.

Can't wait for the playoffs.


The Village of Randomity said...

Yeah last night was kind of a crazy night. I thought Shaq looked pretty good, he ALMOST looked like his old self. Tore down the rim a couple times, jump hooked a couple shots, dove on the floor... haha ok maybe that's not like old shaq but whatever. I think the Suns will go deep in the playoffs and lose to the Utah Jazz because the Jazz will have acquired Hasheem Thabeet for Jarron Collins, Jason Hart and Matt Harpring :)

The Village of Randomity said...

Oh wait, that wouldn't work, he still plays for UConn, shoot.

Seth said...

what about the lakers?
Village of Randomity? I know the Suns are good. but Shaq is weighing them down. What about you Bran? It'll be like old times. The Lakers and Celtics will go head to head in most championship games. and the Jazz will lose a buzzer beater to the pistons.

Just my opinion.