08 February 2008

Romney is out

Mitt Romney declared his presidential campaign is now "on hold" in a speech he made yesterday.

Essentially, he's out.

A quick scan of articles about Romney's campaign reveals a list of reasons why McCain has jumped out to a virtually insurmountable lead after Super Tuesday.

Romney didn't relate to the average guy like Bush did.

Romney is a flip-flopper, like Kerry.

Romney is not authentic.

Romney is a Mormon, and that makes people wary of him.

But the reason given that I find most galling is one that Mike Huckabee used in the debates: Romney is more like the boss that fires you than the guy you work with.

Heaven forbid we should elect someone who knows how to manage people. Heaven forbid we elect someone who can make tough decisions for the good of the country. Heaven forbid we elect someone who worked hard enough and smart enough to get out of a cubicle and into a corner office.

There are many who think Romney made this movie because 1.) He saw the writing on the wall; he was not going to win the nomination this year and 2.) He is setting up for 2012.

I can agree with both of these points. Romney himself also stated that if he stayed in the campaign he'd leave a fragmented Republican base to fight against Obama or Hillary in the fall, and that essentially that meant a Democrat win and military defeat in Iraq.

I don't know that either Obama or Hillary have the political guts to pull the troops from Iraq, but I believe they sure want to.

And as much as I dislike McCain, I believe he'd stay in Iraq until things are stable.

It was fun, Mitt. There will be a lot of us waiting for 2011.

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MooKoo Joe said...

I will be waiting for sure. Then I'll be able to make my 2 cents actually worth something. See, I'll be able to vote then.

People can say what they want, but the biggest reason Romney didn't do as well as anyone else did is because he is Mormon. Freedom of Religion has never really come to the LDS faith. We've always been persecuted since the beginning of the church. Yet we do so much for everyone else. They'll see this one day.

If you want evidence to back this up, all the news broadcast and politic blogs said that the biggest decider was who was the true conservative. Who was that? Mitt Romney of course, but did he win? No.

I'm thinkin' McCain might take him under his wing though for Vice President.