12 February 2008

The Writer's Strike is over

Hooray and huzzah! The Writer's Strike is reportedly over as the Writer's Guild of America struck a deal with producers and whoever about DVD and iTunes sales blah blah blah.


Also 30 Rock and some other shows I watch sometimes will be back.

I wonder if LOST will be able to continue showing new episodes every week straight through its planned 16-week run or if they'll have to stop and catch up. Near as I can tell, they got six or eight episodes written before the strike, and they've already shown two, so they've got somewhere between a month and six weeks before they run out. Can they get an episode written and produced in a month? Even if they can do that, can they produce new episodes every week to keep up after that point?

I say no.

So even in this, the fourth season of LOST, where Abrams and whoever promised no breaks in the season, we're going to have a break in the season.


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