04 February 2008

Utah likes Obama

Recent polls show Utah Democrats support Obama over Hillary to the tune of 53-29%.

I am not a Democrat, but I also like Obama a lot more than Mrs. Clinton. I have concerns about his voting record (very liberal) and lack of experience in government, but I genuinely believe he's an upstanding individual. Character counts in my book, and I trust he'd at least do what he felt was best for the country if elected. I can't say the same for Clinton.

On a side note, I hope this poll puts to rest some of the "Mormons are racist" rumors that fly around. A true racist would rather cut off their right hand than vote for an African-American.

I hope some day we, as a country, can get past racism in all its forms... like Martin Luther King, Jr., I hope for the day when we are judged not on the color of our skin, but on the content of our character.


Jimmy said...

I disagree with Obama, but I like him and wouldn't mind him as President. Let's face it, the President doesn't do as much as we pretend it does.

Becky said...

So does that mean Utah people are just sexist and not racist?

Brandon said...

Darned if you do, darned if you don't, eh Becky?

Becky said...