23 February 2008

Utah basketball is awesome

I generally don't like to talk about University of Utah sports, even to rag on them, but I can't help myself today.

BYU beat Utah Wednesday, 67-59. That makes it two years in a row that the Cougars have swept the regular-season series with Utah. With football, BYU hasn't lost to the Utes in any major sport since February of 2006.

Anyway, first-year Utah coach Jim Boylen was displeased with a few of the refs' calls, and as pictured above, expressed this displeasure with a variety of faces that remind me of my little brothers when they were three.

Kinda freaky, actually.

Also, Utah lost to New Mexico tonight on a very entertaining sequence of events. Ute guard Tyler Kepkay drove for a layup with Utah down three points and eight seconds left on the clock. A fine strategy; after all, if he makes it, the Utes can foul quickly and hope the Lobos miss a free throw or two.

But Kepkay missed the shot. Uh oh.

The ball fortuitously came off the rim and back ino Tyler's hands. Options? He can dribble back to the 3-point line and huck up a last-second shot to tie. Or he can pass the ball back out for the 3. Or he can call time out and let coach Boylen draw up a last-ditch play to tie.

Instead, he took the ball back to the rim and made a layup as the buzzer sounded.

Final score? UNM 72, Utah 71.

Bad times to be a Ute fan.

It's good to be a Cougar.


Graham & Heather said...

Oh yeah, that was awesome. Although the BYU win was a little sweeter, did you happen to hear the post game interview? He was pissed and almost like he was so mad he was going to cry. He and Kyle might be good friends.

The Village of Randomity said...

fortuitously? Wow you have quite the vocabulary. And what brother did you have in mind that made that face? Certainly not me I hope :)