13 March 2008

Annoyances of today

The past week or so in Rexburg has been fairly pleasant. Though it is March, I'd come to accept the fact that our parking lot is 70% frozen over. The sun is out most days, the roads are clear, and all signs point to the city slowly thawing.

Yesterday I decided not to wear a coat to school. I bravely strode my way from class to class in only a t-shirt and jeans. It wasn't exactly warm enough for that, but I didn't care. It was mid-March and I was going to dress like it was mid-March.

After my East Asia History class every MWF, I meet up with my brother Matt and his roommate Dallin to walk down to the north end of campus. As soon as they saw me yesterday, Dallin said, "You're making the weather gods mad, Brandon." He was referring to a theory of mine.

It's happened a few times this spring that we'll get a spectacular day. One Saturday in particular it was probably 50 degrees and sunny. Absolutely beautiful for up here. I wore a t-shirt and flip-flops around town all day. It was good times.

The very next day? Snowy snowy snowy. Roads are horrible, wind is freezing, cars are buried. I believe the Rexburg weather gods tested us to see if we truly fear them or not, and we failed by not bundling up.

Angered by our obvious lack of respect for them, the Rexburg weather gods plagued us with a "reminder" of their power.

The same thing clearly happened today in response to my arrogance, as this morning we were assaulted by a few inches of new snow. It's March 13!

Photograph taken this afternoon

Please compare this picture to one I took December 10th.


Annoyance Number Two:

I bought some Swedish Fish from a vending machine on campus today. Here is the bag as I bought it.

And here is the same bag, folded to show how many Swedish Fish are actually contained within.

I have half a mind to send it in to Consumer Reports.

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The Village of Randomity said...

Hey you stiffed me half a fish!?! (Jason Fox) Lol, we told you about tempting those weather gods..