19 March 2008

The Western Conference is sick

Western Conference standings as of tonight:

1. New Orleans 46-21 0.0
2. Lakers 46-21 0.0
3. Houston 46-22 0.5
4. Utah 45-24 2.0
5. Phoenix 45-22 1.0
6. San Antonio 44-23 2.0
7. Dallas 44-24 2.5
8. Golden State 41-25 4.5
9. Denver 40-28 6.5

Good gravy. Teams one through 8 are separated by less than five games. Teams that go on a four- or five-game losing skid could easily find themselves on the outside looking in come May.

And the playoffs themselves will be fantastic. I honestly believe that any of these teams can beat any other team in a seven-game series.

As a Jazz fan, the only teams that really frighten me are the Spurs and the Lakers. The Spurs positively own Utah in any situation that matters. My hope is that one day Duncan and Ginobili will retire, because the Jazz have no answer whatsoever for them. And the Lakers... I'm still upset that the league allowed such a ridiculous trade for Gasol.

Not only did L.A. rid themselves of Kwame and his horrible contract, they picked up a top-10 power forward in exchange. Just despicable.

The Jazz and Lakers play Thursday night, so that'll be a good preview of a possible playoff matchup we'll get in a few weeks.


The Village of Randomity said...

What a crappy sports day.... :(

Filbert Karo said...

Eh, The Spurs still have Tony Parker. Well, Deron's better so... uh