26 March 2008

Hillary is not so smart

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have extensive public service records. And both are very interested in reminding the voting public about this fact, at least where the other is concerned.

Obama apparently claimed Clinton's time as First Lady doesn't really count as leadership experience, because Hillary fired back, recounting an experience she had in Bosnia back in 1996.

Boy, Mrs. Clinton sure is getting desperate. It's becoming more and more clear that she'll do whatever she can to win the presidency.

If you're going to fabricate something like this, I recommend choosing an event where a reporter wasn't traveling with you the whole time.


Becky said...

That is awesome!

Graham & Heather said...


Steve-O said...

She was just remembering the fire in the hillsides when she landed? What kind of defense is that compared to her saying she had to run to the trucks under enemy sniper fire, with no kind of greeting? Must've forgotten shaking that little girl's hand. Had to rant on that one. Thanks.

Filbert Karo said...

Hey wait so if Hillary is the president, hopefully not, then will there be a first man?