17 September 2008

Gilbert out until December (and beyond?)

ESPN reports that the Wizards' Gilbert Arenas had knee surgery last week and be out until December.

Pssh. That's what he said last year after having knee surgery, and the man missed the entire season. 

Bad news for Washington fans.


Stu said...

3 strikes and you're out... in my book at least (I just made up "my book" a few minutes ago... I'm adding new rules as we speak).

But seriously... how can you pay someone 111 million dollars (over 6 years) to have knee surgeries and do stupid tv commercials? I suppose that might be another 40 games of his career sitting on the bench... over-rated.

I used to worry that Carlos Boozer was going to be one of "those" guys... the ones that are always getting hurt, never finish a season healthy, you know the type... then I realized that he just stinks :)

Nick said...


Nick said...

Geez i cant wait for him to come back.... he needs to be a man and suck it up.

no offense to gilbert

LaPaube said...

This really sucks. Even by the most Brandonian standards I'm a Wiz fan now, and when I go to see them I want to see my second-favorite player.

Nick said...

Whaaaat? Oh yeah you moved closed to where the Wiz play, huh. Wanna give me a ticket? Haha just kidding

Unless you really want to...then thats ok haha

LaPaube said...

Next time you're out here, Nick, we'll go to a game.