08 September 2008

Holding so obvious, even kids can see it

Pictures taken during the Washington game, by a seven-year old kid. 

Holding 5c by abinsc
Holding 1 by abinsc
Holding 4c by abinsc
Holding 4d by abinsc
Holding 6 by abinsc

Just astounding. Zero holding calls on Washington all game. 

I don't think my esteem for PAC-10 refs can sink any lower. Those guys are scum.


Becca said...

Uhh... maybe a kid like Josh, but I really can't tell the difference. I have to look super close for it to look any different. It looks like the same tackling, holding, pushing, and shoving in normal games.

Steve-O said...

I don't understand why ESPN isn't covering these awful calls. Well, actually I do, but I'm still mad about it.

Josh said...

ESPN didn't care about the rest of the game. They just singled in on the one unsportsmanlike call. Nice Pics by the 7 year old kid. There's gonna be only one Pac Ten ref at the UCLA game. MWC refs are the only refs that don't favor one team. Oklahoma at Oregon 2 years ago anyone?