13 September 2008

Mmm, delicious crow

Boy, was I ever wrong.

14-10? What was I thinking?

In short, I was thinking that not much had changed with UCLA's defense or BYU's offense since last December.

And on paper, I was right.

But that's why we play the games on the field.

And that's why I love college football.

59-0 isn't just a win, it's a statement. A statement that the BCS means nothing. That there are great teams in all conferences. That BYU is back on the map, and they're not going away any time soon.

Well done, Bronco, Max, Austin, Dennis, Harvey, Fui, Jan. 

In other news, the MWC played four games against the PAC-10 today. Here are the results:

BYU beat UCLA 59-0
TCU beat Stanford 31-14
New Mexico beat Arizona 31-28
UNLV beat Arizona State 23-20

Combined scores? 144-62.

Outside of USC and Oregon, the PAC-10 is as sad as the ACC these days.


Looking to the future, I don't see anyone in the MWC tripping up BYU except for Utah. And after today, I'm not worried about them any more than I usually am.

So go Cougars! Just win, and everything else will take care of itself.


Stu said...

It was too bad that Washington didn't put up more of a fight against Oklahoma. BYU did everything it could this week, but it is going to need help from other teams if it wants to crash the BCS.

A 60 point win (and a shutout to boot) is great though for the computer rankings. That's the kinda stuff they love.

Nick said...

Utah didn't win by as much as BYU did over UCLA. And Utah only played Utah State.

I got into an argument with my Utes friend, Jared Ivan. Man...now I know why you think it's annoying that I like the Lakers

Josh said...

Hey Brandon. West Jordan is 4-0, and they haven't played a home game yet. No one else is undefeated in region 3. Bingham started out 0-2. They have won their last 2 games

graham and heather said...

I also thought UCLA was going to be scary, glad I was wrong. Matt Putnam, that is a guy that was an unsung hero yesterday. Seriously he made some great plays.

UNLV winning, that one still boggles my mind. Good day for the MWC.