16 September 2008

UCLA highlights

Links to UCLA highlights. As they are over 100 MB in size, I can't upload them to Blogger.

The download speeds are pretty slow; I'm not sure if that's because the host is slow or if a lot of people are attempting to download them at once.

Either way, worth the wait, especially if you weren't able to catch the game.


Stu said...

I have to agree that seeing your team slaughter another team is kinda fun and all. However, when it comes to games that are really fun to watch they've got to be close. :)

(I'm not saying that I don't like seeing Utah beat USU by 40 points... it just doesn't make for much of a game)

Nick said...

I did know they were gonna have more than you thought they would haha
and the Daily Herald. They said like 24-20 or something and I thought they were going to do better than that

WAIT so Stu is a Ute fan.... Dude, BYU will kill them in November hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha YUP Im placin my bet, you'll win a brand new pencil if I'm wrong {cough, cough FAT CHANCE cough, cough}

I do like one Ute, though. Colt Sampson. Went to PG