18 September 2008

Obama caught lying

1. This is not flip-flopping. It's not changing your stance on an issue; it's a "yes or no?" situation that Obama lied about.

2. It's a terrible lie. You cannot claim you attended Jeremiah Wright's church faithfully for years and yet somehow managed to not hear anything controversial come from his mouth. It's a difficult situation, politically, to be sure, but the way out is not through lying to the media.

3. Obama supporters who refuse to even acknowledge that problems like these exist come across as shallow and kool-aid drinkers.


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Stu said...

be careful of who you accuse of drinking the kool-aid. This is a video spliced together from multiple interviews/speeches. Since we don't get to hear the whole interview (or the context before in his speech), we can only go by what he says.

The interview:
"Those are not statements that I heard him make"
"If I had heard any of these statements..."

The speech:
"Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial..."

It seems pretty clear to me that Cooper is asking him about some very specific things that Wright (who is an absolute madman) said, but the speech is referring to everything that Wright had ever said.

I think it's dumb to blindly believe a video posted on YouTube (if you disagree with me go read some of the comments... these people aren't rational). Now if you post up the actual interview, and give us some idea idea of when the speech was given there might be more of a case.

and since you assured me that you aren't McCain's guy, how about a post about him claiming that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" in the morning, and then stating that "the fundamentals of the economy are not strong" in the same afternoon...