08 January 2009

It all comes down to inches

I'm not going to go too in-depth about Florida's win in the Orange Bowl, partially because I don't really like the Gators or Oklahoma, and partially because the whole BCS system is a joke.

I do want to point out why Oklahoma lost this game. 

It's a game of inches. When Oklahoma had a third-and-goal on Florida's two-yard-line and couldn't get it in, the final outcome was decided. If you can't get two yards in two plays when you really, really need it, you don't deserve to win. Coming away with 0 points on two trips to your opponent's goal line is just pathetic. I know it was the first half, and I know the score was tied, but the game was lost in the second quarter.

Other signs of Oklahoma's lack of intensity and desire: it seemed the Sooner running backs would just as soon step out of bounds as try to bowl over a defender. That's the kind of thing you see from 10-year NFL backs who are retiring in a few weeks, not 21-year old kids playing in the biggest game of their lives. And on Bradford's last interception, sure the defensive back made a great play, but the ball hit the wide receiver right square in the hands. You have to make that catch. Instead, he allowed the Florida player to wrestle it away without putting up a fight. Discouraging omens for the Oklahoma faithful. 

Neither Tebow nor Bradford impressed me much. Bradford had all day to throw more often than not, and he threw two picks and averaged only 6.3 yards per completion. Tebow made some very clutch throws in the fourth quarter (something Bradford could not do), but still finished with two picks. However, his 109 yards rushing (5 ypc) was very impressive. It's just not something I see transferring to the NFL. Then again, I hear he'll be used at the tight end position or something when he's drafted. Guess we'll see.

The bad news is that now Sam Bradford is most likely coming back next season, and Oklahoma opens against BYU in Dallas. This will be one motivated Sooners team, and the Cougars will get steamrolled. 

A final note: the Tebow man-love from the Fox announcing crew finally became so nauseating I muted my TV. It was that bad. I mean, I believe he's a good guy and all, but there comes a point where it's over-the-top embarrassing. 


LaPaube said...

About the Tebow fawning: completely agree. Here's what I think we learned last night: Oklahoma should be lumped together with Ohio State as automatically disqualified from being in the BCS title game. Both of those teams have been complete disappointments and have failed to make it a game since OK apparently won the title in 2000.

*Liese said...

Not that I follow a WHOLE lot of collegiate football (or any football for that matter) I do have to agree that what I know of the BCS thing...I rarely defend the UofU (okay, that's not true--I hope they do well EXCEPT for when they're against BYU), but I feel as though an undefeated season deserves more than just the millions of dollars they received--I think they deserve a National Championship trophy. Hmm....Maybe I should work for the BCS! LoL