20 January 2009

Obama-centric Facebook statuses for today

...wishes Pres. Obama good luck - it's a messed up world right now.

...is Let freedom ring!

...is aprehensive about jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Let's see what he does first people before we declare him the greatest president who ever lived.

...Yes we can! Yes we will!

...is totally sick of inauguration coverage... can't we talk about something interesting. I mean I like Obama, but seriously.

...back to work, listening to the inauguration on the radio.

...is watching the inauguration on facebook! This is actually pretty dang cool. :D

...is Happy Obama Day!

...is relieved that fear no longer oppresses our tears.

...says...It's morning again in America.

...is already teary-eyed about the Inauguration.


LaPaube said...

re: the last one: I was upset too, but not to the point of tears.

Amy said...

Wow - I got featured on your blog! Not by name, but I'm still proud. With statuses, it's all about big things going on - and the Inauguration was pretty big, even though I don't think it was as big a deal as everyone made it out to be...