05 January 2009

Palestinian conflict

If you follow world events at all, you know the never-ending Israel vs. the Arab world conflict has flared up once again. I don't pretend to have a magic fix for the problem, because both sides are guilty in their own ways. 

However, I can't help but have a couple opinions about the current situation:

1. Proportionate response. This term gets thrown around all the time when talking about Israel's current military action. Now, I understand the concept of proportionate response when it comes to, say, a mugging. Some dude in an alley threatens to punch you if you don't give him your wallet. A decidedly disproportionate response would be to pull out a gun and shoot him in the face. I get that. 

But here, Hamas has been launching rockets into Israeli neighborhoods for months, killing civilians indiscriminately. They've crossed the line of civilian murder. What is worse than that? How can any response be disproportionate? 

2. Hamas' stated goal is to eradicate Israel. How do you compromise with that? When you arrive at the bargaining table, what do you offer to Hamas? 50% eradication? Until this terrorist group changes its ideology, I don't see how you negotiate with it. 

If I found myself in Israel's place, I'd sure as heck do everything I could to remove Hamas from power. Those who criticize the invasion don't seem to offer any alternatives. 

It's a tough situation all around. 

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LaPaube said...

Yeah, I don't really follow the political situations in the Middle East which I guess is why this seems so simple to me. Israel shouldn't be required to stop its operation until Hamas quits assaulting it and promises not to start again. And when they break that promise, Israel will be right to again defend itself. Apparently it's more complicated than that.