25 January 2009

NBA All-Star selections

The voting has been finalized for this year's NBA All-Star game. If I understand how this works, we'll have:

Western Conference


Eastern Conference


Overall, I don't have a problem with the way it turned out, but here are a few points of contention:

Amare earned his spot last year, but this year he's had way too many five- or six-rebound games to make it this time around. His stats overall are down in almost every category compared to 2008.

Iverson is averaging 18 points a game on 42% shooting. Five assists a game aren't exactly impressive, either. I'd have much rather seen Joe Johnson or Jameer Nelson take this spot. But such are the dangers inherent in democracy. 

If you look down the list beyond the starters, you'll see weird stuff. Bruce Bowen got the third most votes among West forwards? The heck? Yi got more votes than Pierce, Bosh, Hedo, and Danny Granger? I understand voting for your homecountry buddy, everyone in China, but come on. 

Bill Simmons has argued that it should be mandated that a great passing point guard play for each team in the All-Star game... Kidd, Paul, Deron, Nash, etc. The game is much more fun to watch when someone is setting up guys like Kobe and Howard instead of it turning into a massive one-on-one tournament. The West has that covered this year, but there really isn't an elite passing point guard in the East right now. AI certainly won't fit that bill. Maybe LeBron can do it. 

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LaPaube said...

That has to be one of the best ideas I've ever heard out of Simmons.