21 January 2009

LOST videos

First off, a recap of Seasons 1-4.

Next, we have a video from 2008's Comic Con.

And finally, here are three sneak peaks at tonight's season premiere.

Jack and Ben.

Kate and Aaron.

Sayid and Hurley.

Can't wait.


Amy said...

Oooooohhhhhh my gosh I'm stoked! Jack shaves! That whole episode I was like, "Shave, please! Just take a razor to your face and shave!"

When Jack doesn't think Kate will come, I'm all thinkin' "Ben's going to manipulate her with Aaron somehow." I thought he would probably question Aaron's parentage and Kate's rights to him. Oh - and what's the next clip? Just that happening. I'm amazing.

Obviously, I think it was just a scare tactic employed by Ben - if they were really determined to get their blood and knew her past, and that she was a flight risk, she wouldn't just be able to leave. They'd have people watching the house.

Brandon said...

Good call about Ben manipulating Kate. Mandi said the exact same thing when she watched the clip.

Either way, it looks like the 6 will be back on island very quickly, which is good.