12 February 2009

A couple suggestions for my game idea

After batting the concept around with others for a day or so, here are a couple tweaks to my video game idea:

1. I mentioned only having one or two games a week, but after discussing the idea with my friend Stu, I realized players should have the ability to play the game more often than that. I'm keeping the "two games a week" idea, but implementing free play the rest of the time. Players can practice against AI bots or other players, with instant (or nearly instant) respawn upon death. But those two matches in the week are where records are kept, where reputations are made.

2. And a suggestion from Cory:
I was thinking that instead of once you're dead you're dead, the game could allow you to come back as another unit (I'm assuming the team would be able to create new units like in Starcraft/Warcraft) or take over a currently computer controlled unit.
I've had a few comments like this one, but I really want there to be a major disincentive against dying, because it changes everything. For one, it's much more exciting to play if there's a real punishment for death. Gets the adrenalin flowing much more than in Slayer match in Halo.

Are players willing to sacrifice individual stats to attain a bigger goal? Players who are will be noticed by commanders and generals, and be promoted faster than guys who are in it for their own glory. And in addition, armies with players who see the big picture will win more often.

And if you do die in one of these for-keeps battles, you can turn the game off and go get pizza or whatever. Or fire up the simulator and hone your skills for the next battle. It's not like you're shut out for good.

Keep the suggestions coming. Any idea of how to officially submit a game idea to video game companies? I spent a while yesterday looking on Blizzard's website, but couldn't find a way. The reason I'm looking there first is because yeah, if they wanted to tackle this it would take them eight years to complete the project, but it would be the best thing ever created. These guys don't mess around... they've been churning out pure gold since their release of Warcraft II in 1995. Plus they have extensive RTS and MMORPG gaming... probably more than any other company out there.

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