13 February 2009

Well, it passes

The Senate passed the so-called Stimulus Bill this afternoon. Over 1,000 pages. Introduced and voted on in less than a day. You need at least 12 hours to read it at 640 words a minute. 

This is impossible.

So what we're looking at is a $1 trillion dollar bill passed into law without having been read by those voting on it. 

That is just beautiful. Thanks, Congress, for having our backs. 

Thanks to Glenn Beck for the stats. 


Brooke said...

I hate our government sometimes. Especially when they pass stupid stimulus packages that they can't pay for and that put our country in trillions more dollars of debt than they had before. Stupid government people, just because they allow what they do in their personal life to go over into their job...

LaPaube said...

Big thumbs-up to the Republicans in both houses. They did the right thing. Now it's going to take some skill to manage the PR war because the Dems will do everything they can to make this look like a better act than it is.

B-Will said...

Not to throw water on your fire, but usually a lot of these bills are the same as the one before and they send the highlighted changes, so they would have time to understand all of the changes before signing off on it.

Brandon said...

B-Will: Call me a cynic, but I doubt more than half of them did that before the vote.

But technically, you are correct. Depending on the number of changes made. And assuming they read the whole thing before said changes were made.