03 February 2009

More from Madagascar

Thanks to the BBC for the following two articles.

This one is actually from last Thursday; it just overviews the violence and protests that have already occurred in Antananarivo. However, it does have a short clip taken of the shop that burned and collapsed, killing over 40 suspected looters.

The latest news is that President Ravalomanana has fired Tana mayor Rajoelina after the mayor declared himself in charge of "national affairs" on Saturday.
Analysts say Mr Rajoelina has successfully tapped into widespread frustration with the government, but may have over-played his hand in trying to overthrow the president, whom he calls a dictator.

It looks like Rajoelina has gone quietly, so the crisis may be over. We'll have to wait and see. I'd like to try and find out why Rajoelina is calling Ravalomanana a dictator.

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