06 February 2009

NBA blogging thievery

Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie has what they call The Ten Man Rotation. Every day they find interesting NBA stories on the interwebs and post the links. Usually I'm not overly interested in what they find, but today's entries are pretty good. With apologies to J.E. Skeets and crew, I've copied the more intriguing items here, with my comments in italics. But seriously, go check the whole thing out here.

FirstCuts. NBA All-Stars will play "G-E-I-C-O," not "H-O-R-S-E" in Phoenix. This is completely and utterly lame. I realize it's a televised event, and television is all about sponsorships and money, but come on. I think it's bad enough that we have to attach sponsor names to every event these days... but even "The Geico H-O-R-S-E Competition!" is better than this terrible idea.

PF: D.C. Sports Bog. Why is Gilbert Arenas wearing a hotel "Do Not Disturb" sign around his neck? Because Gilbert Arenas is crazy. Not "lock him in a mental institution" crazy, but crazy all the same.

SF: NBA FanHouse. What's the matter with Amar'e Stoudemire? (It has to be the apostrophe, right?) There's no reason Amare shouldn't be averaging at least 10 rebounds a game. He's currently at eight.

6th: The Sporting Blog. With all due respect to Brand, his season-ending is a good thing for the Sixers. With the injuries to big men like Brand, Bynum, Jermaine, Oden, etc., it's amazing Karl Malone missed only ten games in 18 years in the NBA.

8th: Didn't Draw Iron. If you cry easily, don't click this link: Dirk Nowitzki breaks a kid's heart. Dirk is a huge punk.

9th: Talking Points. Tim Kawakami selects his mid-season NBA All No-Defense Team. He didn't name Carlos Boozer or Okur... we must avenge this injustice!


Steve-O said...

What did Dirk do? The YouTube video is no longer available on their blog.

Nick said...

I watched that Dirk video. It's kind of strange.

Nick said...

Oh yeah and funny comment about the Boozer and Okur thing hahaha