04 April 2008


A follow-up to my earlier post about competence in movies.

I was watching a Without a Trace episode last night and came across an example of gross incompetence.

The FBI is questioning the boyfriend of a murdered ex-assistant district attorney. They suspect he's the actual murderer, but can't prove anything. As they're escorting him out, he elbows an FBI agent in the face and grabs his gun. The boyfriend snags a hostage and starts shooting. Another agent calls someone (security?), and says there's shooting on the 12th floor.

Bad guy heads for stairwell.

Okay, so quick recap: you're on the 12th floor of an FBI BUILDING. 75% of the people in this building are carrying weapons. You've got 12 FLOORS to go before you can escape.


Apparently not. The next scene shows the FBI agents rushing out of the building onto the street, the suspect nowhere in sight.

Impressive. If I ever need to rob a bank, I'm calling that guy.


Steve-O said...

Yeah, I remember seeing this episode. I just about stopped watching right there.

Mandi said...

You have funny rants.