14 April 2008

Miami fans should be feeling pretty good

Sure, Miami is sitting at 14-66, good for last place in the entire NBA.

Sure, the Heat are only two years removed from winning their first-ever NBA championship.

Sure, Wade is hurt (again), and Shaq bolted for the Suns.

But you should be feeling pretty good about yourselves, Miami fans.

You've got a great chance to have the #1 pick in the NBA draft this summer. Dwayne will be back next fall, and Shawn Marion is a solid player. I'm optimistic about a team with Wade, Marion, and someone like Derrick Rose. Especially one playing in the Eastern Conference.

Your salary cap situation is not bad (like the Knicks); you've got $53 million worth of contracts on the books for 2008-2009, which leaves you with room to shop for a free agent or two.

I'd wait around a few months before jumping off a Miami high-rise or switching my allegiance to another team if I were you. Show some patience. It'll pay off.

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