21 April 2008

SWEEP! and other NBA Playoff thoughts

The Jazz won their second game in Houston 90-84 tonight to go up 2-0 in the first-round series.

It's over. There's no way the Jazz lose four of the next six games.

Tracy McGrady played a fantastic game, racking up 23 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists. But once again, he disappeared in the fourth quarter, scoring only one point in the final twelve minutes.

The Jazz are just too deep, too methodical, too focused.

Sorry, Houston fans. Better luck next year.


Other thoughts....

-The Spurs/Suns series is going to be epic, but I don't know if I want to watch another game after witnessing the abomination that was Game 1.

-Pau Gasol is the MVP of the Lakers, not Kobe. The Black Mamba has spent the past four years trying to prove he can win without a dominant post player, and he couldn't. Congratulations, Lakers fans. Memphis gift-wrapped Gasol to you and now you're a championship-caliber team. Can you imagine how good the Jazz would be if the Grizz had sent Gasol to Salt Lake in exchange for Jaron Collins and Jason Hart?

-Amare Stoudamire had a great game, but made some game-changing mental mistakes against the Spurs on Saturday. In two situations where the Suns were up three points with 40 seconds left, Amare ended up turning the ball over, once with a shot-clock violation, once with a horrible charge. He's got to get his head in the game or the Suns are toast.

-Deshawn Stevenson should shut his mouth when the playoffs roll around next year.

-Detroit is looking old.

-Chris Paul is trascendent. If Dallas can't figure out a way to keep him from scoring at will, they are finished.

-Any team that gameplans to stop the opposing star by hard fouling him every time he goes to the hoop deserves to lose the series. That's not basketball.

-I love Dwight Howard.

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Filbert Karo said...

Or here's a good idea for the Wizards!

Place him in a huge blockbuster trade for a decent center! {Well, better than Brendan Haywood would be good}