24 April 2008

Houston wins

Jazz lose to Houston 94-92 tonight. Utah's fifth home loss all season.

Two thoughts:

1. Make your stinkin' free throws. 20-33 from the line is pathetic. Make two more free throws and this is a win.

2. Deron was brilliant all night, then his brain turned off in the last 20 seconds. Jazz down one, Deron brings the ball up the floor. Pick and roll, has Boozer WIDE open under the basket, forces a wild pass to Kyle Korver on the wing instead. Gets the ball back, drives left, draws Boozer's defender to him, Boozer is again WIDE open under the hoop. A simple pass and it's a Jazz win, series over. Instead, he forces up a tough tough fadeaway shot attempt off the glass, which gets blocked.

That's all. Go Jazz.

1 comment:

Filbert Karo said...

Wow it shows all the cocky Utah fans what a Patriots fan feels like.

And I am not a Patriot Fan.