10 April 2008

Deron's clutch, but it doesn't matter

The Jazz lost to the Mavs 97-94 tonight. In general, I'm not that disturbed by the loss, as in my opinion, the Jazz will be best off in the four seed for the playoffs.

The Jazz played uninspired ball most of the night, but still had a shot with 11 seconds left. Utah was down three, and Deron hit a 3-pointer while being defended pretty well.

Wahoo! Barring some miracle, the game will at least go into overtime!

Dallas had no timeouts. The Mavs knew this. The Jazz, apparently did not.

With five seconds on the clock, the Mavericks inbounded the ball and Jason Terry took off downcourt.

On the other hand, the Jazz were happy with Deron's impressive display of clutch-ness and stood around. Especially Boozer, who was assigned to defend Dirk Nowitzki.

Long story shot, Dirk hit a WIDE-OPEN 3-pointer with two seconds left.

Game over, Jazz lose.

It's been a while since I've seen such an egregious display of weak-sauce defense. The Jazz showed a major lack of mental toughness.

If they do that in the playoffs, there's no way we see Utah get past the first round.

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Far From Fat; Far From Fit said...

Trade Boozer for Okafor, says I.