29 April 2008

I will never bet on sports

As I was watching my Jazz get absolutely manhandled tonight, I realized my playoff predictions are going down in flames, much like my Jazz tonight.

I said Boston and Detroit would easily win their series.

I said Dallas would beat New Orleans.

I said Denver would take Los Angeles to seven games.

I said Phoenix would beat San Antonio in seven.

I said the Jazz would beat the Rockets in six, and look good doing it.

Well, at least that last one is technically possible.

But after watching the Jazz get manhandled in Houston, my faith is wavering. Utah got absolutely destroyed in every aspect of the game. They shot 36% from the field for the game. They shot 56% from the free-throw line. They made two of nine 3-pointers. Houston scored 95 points. Luis Scola went off for 18 and 12.

It was a horrific effort all the way around. And the sad thing?

The Jazz found themselves down eight or nine in the first quarter and essentially gave up. Houston's lead never went below 10 the rest of the game, and the Jazz showed absolutely no fight, no desire to take this game and end the series. None.

Sign of a winning team? Heck no.

After the Jazz beat-down was over, I flipped over to watch the end of the Spurs/Suns game. Just like in Game 1, the Suns had ample chances to win the game, and just like in Game 1, they choked it away. Seven turnovers in the fourth quarter?

Even though this proves my theory about the Shaq trade being a horrible idea (Shaq was 2-8 from the field and 9-20 from the line), I despise the Spurs so much even being right brings me no joy.

My hatred for the Spurs is such that if the Western Conference Finals are San Antonio/Los Angeles, I will strongly consider buying and wearing a Lakers jersey.

I'm thinking Kwame Brown. Those have to be cheap, right?


Graham & Heather said...

I never cheer for the Lakers no matter who they play. And I just may have to try if it does come to Spurs/Lakers for the Western Conference.

The Village of Randomity said...

I'll wear my Kwame jersey with pride with you Bran!

Filbert Karo said...

You should have seen all the stupid Jazz fans that said Utah would sweep Houston before the series started.

But the Rockets could pull out a win in game 6 and maybe even win game 7 and advance so they can get clobbered by the Lakers.

So, as Graham and Heather said, the Lakers and the Spurs could meet, and all the Utah fans would boo. But, I'm not a Jazz fan. I would just keep on cheering for L.A.

But the Hornets have a pretty good chance of winning the series over San Antonio.