02 August 2008

Austin Collie injured

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Austin Collie has a stress fracture in his lower leg.

Stress fractures are tricky. It is possible that with rest, he could be fine after four or five weeks, which would mean he would sit out for Northern Iowa and be ready for Washington.

But the problem is that no treatment really exists for stress fractures. I should know, as I've had them in both lower legs for several months now. I've rested them for several weeks at a time previously and then, once I played basketball again, reinjured them.

From what I've read, it depends on lot on exactly which bone in Collie's leg is injured. I assume there is more information coming.

Here's hoping Collie can be back by Washington. Otherwise, I see BYU dropping at least two or three games they wouldn't otherwise.


LaPaube said...

How did you get stress fractures? Playing ball?

Brandon said...

Probably? It's been so long now I can't remember. It's not like I habitually run every morning or something.

Josh said...

crud. I guess we'll stick to the run, pass to Chambers, and pass to other people