31 August 2008

Been a while

So it's been a week since my last post, and as my brother Josh told me, "Post something already."

Thing is, I was going to post about the upcoming BYU game, but we were in Utah all week running around buying stuff and playing football in the backyard and watching The Dark Knight on IMAX (which was awesome) and I didn't get around to posting at all.

So here are my thoughts on BYU vs. Northern Iowa.

1. I don't consider the game to be the start of BYU's season. It was nice to see the team and all, and Northern Iowa is a great FCS team, but let's be honest: this was an extended scrimmage for the Cougars. The season starts Saturday vs. Washington.

2. Max passed for a lot of yards, but I'm still not sold that he's a complete quarterback. His long ball is very suspect, though his midrange and short throws were generally lasers, which was nice. But it seems he over- or underthrows anything farther than 25 yards out.

3. Unga was okay. I'll be honest, I've never been super impressed with the kid. He's strong, yes, and relatively fast, but he doesn't have great moves or great speed. He's a servicable back, but I don't see him ever rushing for 2000 yards in a season or anything.

4. Pitta is the man. His size and speed are outstanding. I'm not sure many linebackers can stay with him.

5. Our corners are pathetic, again. Lining up 10 yards off FCS receivers is just sad. Are they going to line up 20 yards off Washington this week?

6. I like the look of O'Neill Chambers. The kid has serious potential. He made a few boneheaded mistakes, but he's fast and smooth and has good hands. I'd like to see him line up at wideout this season.

7. Michael Reed looked really good before Max hung him out to dry with that overthrown ball in the second quarter. I look forward watching him.

8. Collie's communication and/or timing with Max was off. Not to mention the fact that Northern Iowa's corners were staying with him most of the game. Maybe he wasn't going 100% due to the stress fracture. I hope that's what it was.

9. If BYU's offensive line can't open holes for the running backs against Northern Iowa, I fear we're in for long games against Washington and UCLA.

10. I wish Max had been born with the ability to sense blindside hits, but he wasn't. We've just got to get used to it.

In all, I'm glad all the warts came out in this game, because the game was a win before the season started. Hopefully BYU makes a better showing in the next two weeks. Wins and Washington and home against UCLA means an undefeated BYU meets up with a likely undefeated Utah this season.


Josh said...

Good game. I think I cursed them with the fumbles or something. The first half was great.

LaPaube said...

I'm surprised that you think BYU and Utah will both make it to the last conference game without losing. I'd be surprised if either of them does it.

Brandon said...

BYU's only chances at a loss before Utah are Washington and UCLA.

Washington is the least scary of the two, and is on the road.

After UCLA's game vs. Tennessee, I am scared of them. However, they won't have PAC-10 refs, and the game will be in LES.

And if BYU can squeak past UCLA (much like the Vegas Bowl), they'll run the table in the MWC like they've done the past two yeas.

Utah's schedule is caaaaake until BYU. UNLV, Utah State, Weber State, Air Force? Oregon State is down this year, but the Wyoming game will be a battle, for obvious reasons. TCU always fights hard, but KWhitt gets his guys up for hard fights.

The problem with Utah is that they always seem to drop at least two games they have no business losing. If they can avoid that, they'll be 11-0 going into the Holy War.

LaPaube said...

You've brought up the most important point against Utah. Exactly the opposite of recent BYU teams, they play well against good opponents and poorly against bad opponents. Like Democrats in recent presidential elections, they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against weakened opponents. Expect to see a loss to New Mexico or Wyoming or something in the middle of the Utah season.

LaPaube said...

By the way, B, you'll be my eyes and ears this season as I have zero access to televised games. I hope to see a lot of FB posts.

Seth said...

Another 27-0 loss to Vegas? I sure hope so. All my friends are saying it's like 2004 again. I speak against them strongly.

I can't even believe that UCLA beat Tenn! Even with a 3rd string QB!!!
I don't even care if there were Pac 10 officials.

Josh said...

hey seth, which friends?

Josh said...

And plus, it sort of is like 2004. They have absolutely no starters returning next year. And, there's no way. Alex Smith ran a ridiculous offense that put up 63 points a game in MWC play. They're lowest point total was like 35. And, if they played a different team besides 8-4 Pittsburgh, they would've been in for a long day.
USC: Leinart would've done what he did to Oklahoma in the title game.
Texas: Vince Young. He would've ran them over.
Oklahoma: Jason White and Adrian Peterson