04 August 2008

BYU Football highlight of the week

November 24, 2000. Lavell Edward's last game as BYU's head coach. The game is in Salt Lake City, against the Utah Utes. Starting quarterback Brandon Doman is a virtual unknown for the Cougars. Sure, he led BYU to win over New Mexico in Lavell's final home game ever the week before, but could the scrappy option QB succeed at the pass-happy Brigham Young University?

Doman aquitted himself well, passing for 284 yards and one touchdown. The run game struggled, however, as BYU gained 100 yards on 42 attempts, for 2.3 yards per carry.

But in the end, it was an option run for a touchdown by Doman from inside the 10 that gave BYU the 34-27 win.

And the other classic moment in this game: a 4th-and-13 completion from Doman to Pittman with under a minute left in the game and BYU down. Utah's secondary seems to have a tradition of allowing that kind of thing.

Owen Pochman made four field goals in the win. Oh, that we had that kind of consistency last year from the kicker position.

One last thing... holy cow do I not miss those uniforms. Thanks for bringing back the classic colors and design, Bronco.

Here's the highlight.


Josh said...

We were watching BYU-TV, and they had some program about all of LaVell's 26 or so years. It was awesome.

Did you know that after they got the 4th and 13, everyone was trying to run their own route?

vigues said...

thank you, thank you...as if I wasn't already excited enough about this upcoming season...GOOOOOOOO COUGARS!!