06 August 2008

Favre to the Jets

You may have noticed a lack of Favre talk on this blog.

That's because I've avoided talking about this whole Favre unretirement thing until something actually, you know, happened.

This is in direct contrast with ESPN, who has spent hours on the "story" every day, despite the fact that no one outside of Green Bay, Minnesota and Chicago cared that Favre was "having talks with Packers management," and "flying into Green Bay," absolutely meaningless facts.

But finally, the long and boring saga appears to be over. Foxsports.com broke the story, and now ESPN is reporting that Favre has been traded to the New York Jets.

Praises be to news that is actually news.

I'll now go back to ignoring Favre and his indecision.


Seth said...

I hate that. When athletes come out of "retirement" only to go to another team. So then, isn't it kinda weird to retire that guy's jersey?
Like Michael Jordan. And Brett Favre.
And stupid Ricky Williams.

Filbert Karo said...

That's weird that he's on the cover of Madden '09, too.