01 August 2008

NBA news

The Rockets are reportedly close to trading for Ron Artest. While the trade can't officially go down until August 14 due to NBA trade laws, everyone seems to be assuming it's a done deal, so here we are. In exchange for Artest, the Rockets give up Bobby Jackson and rookie forward Donte Green.

This is a big move for the Rockets, in my opinion. Artest can score (20 ppg last season) and play defense (2.3 steals per), so he'll help Houston where they need it and yet not take anything away from their strengths. Sure, he's insane, but I think he's got at least a year before his next meltdown. In the meantime, the Rockets just got quite a bit better. And if you remember, Utah barely squeaked past a Yao-less Houston last spring. I don't know if the Jazz can beat the trio of Yao, McGrady and Artest.

Meanwhile, the Jazz are pretty much done making moves this offseason. Apparently adding Brevin Knight is enough to get the Jazz past L.A. or San Antonio. Or New Orleans. Not to mention the fact that now they're stuck with Boozer... either they have to pay Carlos the max next summer, or they lose him to another team that is willing to pay him the max.

I suppose I can hold out hope that Boozer will decide he wants to play defense over the next couple months. I can also hope he learns how to score in the playoffs. But absent of these two things magically happening, next summer is going to be a bad time for the Jazz.

Possible Jazz improvements on this season compared to last season:

1. Brevin Knight performing better at backup point guard than Jason Knight (almost a given).

2. C.J. Miles being given more minutes and scoring around 16 ppg (60% chance).

3. Deron being quicker, faster, and overall more dominant than he was in 2007-2008 (85% chance).

4. Boozer moving away from his matador defense and developing lateral quickness (10%).

5. Boozer learning (or remembering?) how to score in the playoffs (50%).

Any others I'm missing? Let me know what possible improvements we could see from the Jazz in 2008.


LaPaube said...

A year ago I thought Utah had two superstars, Deron and Carlos. After last year's playoffs and this summer's basketball, I think Utah has one superstar, Deron. Boozer has the body for it, and the skill, but Deron has the winning attitude. But what would you have done with Boozer, B? There's no equal value out there, so would you just dump him, or would you have re-signed him?

Brandon said...

It has been sad to watch Boozer decline while Deron just gets better.

I'd have traded Boozer this offseason. Samuel Dalembert's contract matches up, for example. I'd take his defense in exchange for Boozer's offense and complete lack of defense. Think the Hornets would trade Tyson Chandler for Booz?

Bottom line, the Jazz had to do something and didn't. Here's hoping Millsap can turn it up a few notches once Booz is gone after this season.

LaPaube said...

Chandler would have been all right I guess, but I don't see why NO would have traded him for a slightly less effective David West. They already have David West. That's the problem: who would want to trade their slightly better PF for Boozer? Nobody.

But it's hard to find any center in the league besides Dwight Howard (untouchable) who can protect the paint and not disappear on offense. Well, Yao, I guess (also untouchable and uninteresting). I'm talking about Ben Wallace, Dalembert, Chandler, Emeka Okafor, Kendrick Perkins, Gana Diop, Marcus Camby, Theo Ratliff, etc.

Chris Kaman and Al Horford are two potentially interesting players. I'm sure this doesn't work with their contracts, but Horford for Boozer would be sweet for Utah, assuming Horford continues to develop. He seems to have a complete lack of attitude problem, just right for Utah's mindset.

I should write this on my own blog instead of writing four-paragraph comments.

Filbert Karo said...

Yeah, if Boozer and Kaman's contracts match up, they should do the trade. They could slide Okur down to the 4 and have Kaman at the 5. Kaman could improve pretty well.

The Hawks won't give away Horford, though. He could be a double-double machine in a couple of years.

Brandon said...

Ooh Boozer for Kaman I'd like a lot. And hey, it's the Clippers, right? They'd take a 20-10 guy who can't play a lick of defense.

The salaries seem to match up, at least. And Filbert is right about Horford. Atlanta likes that kid a lot, and for good reason.

I like the thought of Kaman at the 5 and Okur at the 4.

LaPaube said...

Yeah, plus the Clip Show just lost their 20-10 guy, so they need somebody. Who do I call to get this deal done?

Filbert Karo said...

Yeah the Clippers would probably do the Kaman-Boozer trade, If the Jazz would be willing to offer. It's a good trade for both sides.

Josh said...

The Jazz should get someone better than Boozer. Though Orlando would never let Dwight go, David West is a possibility, and Kaman, no, and finally, Dalambert is getting old.