31 July 2008

Obama's empty promise(s)

Senator Obama visited his father's village in Kenya in 2006 amid great fanfare. While there, he promised to "provide some assistance in the future to this school..."

The school in mention is the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School, built on land donated by Obama's paternal grandfather. The school is typical of what you'll find in central Africa: no running water or electricity, dirt floors, no supplies to speak of.

After Obama was elected to the Senate, the school changed its name in his honor.

Faced with such respect, and standing on the ground his fathers walked, Obama was moved to make the above promise.
"Hopefully I can provide some assistance in the future to this school and all that it can be." He then turned to the school's principal, Yuanita Obiero, and assured her and her teachers: "I know you are working very hard and struggling to bring up this school, but I have said I will assist the school and I will do so."
What a great story. Obama returning to the land of his forefathers and promising to make things better. Many successful individuals have done this, and great improvements have been made in places that otherwise would still be in trouble.

Oh, but wait! According to the Evening Standard, Obama has failed to send "even one shilling" to the school. Over two years after making his promise, nothing.

Now, to be fair, Obama did use the word "hopefully." Hope and change, hope and change.

Michellemalkin.com picked up on this story today and has started raising funds for the school to fill in where Obama has failed. If you're interested in helping, follow the link.

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