17 July 2008

An unconventional election

I was listening to Glenn Beck yesterday on the way to work and he was discussing an interesting question.

In short, if the presidential election were today, and your choices were Senator Obama, Senator McCain or President Bush for his third term, who do you vote for?

Beck was quick to say that he's not a Bush fan, necessarily, that there are a lot of things he agrees with the president on, but a lot of things he really really dislikes about his policies, too. He also believes his audience is the least-Bush friendly of any of the conservative talk-radio audiences.

That said, he sent a poll to his newsletter subscribers asking the above question, and was very surprised at the results. Here they are:

Holy smokes.

The way Beck interpreted it, and I agree, is that McCain has a serious, serious problem. I don't think this indicates people are in love with W, it just means he's better than the choices we have coming up in November.

So good work, Republican Party, in nominating a candidate that your conservative base can't get behind. Very well done.

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