14 July 2008

Your Monday BYU football highlight

I've got a good one this week: BYU vs. Utah 2001. I attended this game, and it was the last football game I saw before going on a two-year proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A good note to go out on, I think.

So many great and tragic things about 2001. Gary Crowton's amazing first season as BYU's head coach, followed by three years of mediocrity, and even putridity. Brandon Doman: the best untalented quarterback ever to play at BYU. Luke Staley: the most talented, most injury-prone running back ever at BYU. Reno Mahe: gutsy little guy, playing two days after having an appendectomy. Rod Wilkerson: blazing fast and unable to catch anything thrown his way.

BYU's 12-0 start, muddled by losing their 13th game to Hawaii and then falling to Louisville in their bowl game.

And somewhere in there, BYU managed to pull off this miracle comeback against Utah at home.

But really, outside of 1996 (Sark) and 2004 (Alex Smith), the Holy War has been decided by a touchdown or less every year since 1995.

Maybe we should just expect it.

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Josh said...

That was a good game. Too bad I was four at the time. Funny that you guys lost Matt, only to find him by the car.