01 July 2008

Baron to the Clippers

ESPN is reporting that the Clippers have reached an agreement with Baron Davis on a 5-year, $65 million contract.

Reportedly, he took less money than he could get from Golden State. More reports say Elton Brand will resign with the Clippers for less money than he could have gotten if he'd resigned with them right away.

All part of an apparent plan to take less money in order to allow the team to assemble more talent and therefore win more games.

A simple concept, but one that escapes too many professional athletes, in my opinion.

Look, if I were a LeBron James, and I'd already made tens of millions of dollars, and stood to make another $30 million over the next two seasons, I think I may decide winning a few titles is more important than getting even more money.

Heck, I may even consider playing for a mere $5 million a year. I know that would make it hard to feed my family, but I'd be willing to make that sacrifice if it meant the Cavs could bring in a Chris Paul or Amare Stoudamire or something. Shoot, they might even be able to get Paul and Amare and Bosh, for example.

But instead, players go after the biggest amount of money they can get, never mind if their salary means the team can only afford to bring in low-quality supporting players.

Maybe Baron and Elton's examples can influence everyone else in the league to get their acts together.

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Filbert Karo said...

Well heck yeah, I would go and play for like $2 million. All I need is like a thousand bucks. That's tons for my age. I would be a happy Filbert.