23 July 2008

Jazz get rid of Hart (oh and pick up Brevin Knight)

The Jazz traded backup point guard Jason Hart today for Clippers backup\sometimes starter point guard Brevin Knight. I don't expect a whole lot from Knight, but the important thing here is that we got rid of Hart.

That guy was terrible. Sure, he only played ten minutes a game, but those ten minutes were usually in the last couple minutes of the first quarter or similar situation. And in these situations, he would more often than not help the opposing team make up a deficit or put the Jazz in a hole. He rarely held on to a lead or increased one.

His field goal percentage for the year? 32%. That's worse than Derek Fisher's 39% when he was here. Worse than Derek Fisher. And if you've read my blog, you know how much I hated Fisher in Utah.

So good riddance, Jason. Now, Knight isn't a deadeye by any stretch of the imagination, shooting 40% from the field last season in L.A. But he averaged 4.4 assists per game and less than one turnover in 22 minutes. That's a pretty good assist-to-turnover ratio. If he can take over for Deron and give the Jazz some solid play at the point, I'll be very happy with this trade.


LaPaube said...

I'm already happy with this trade. Knight is a poor shooter, but I relied on his assists a few years ago in fantasy hoop, and he was very consistent from game to game. In a backup situation that might change, but it's an obvious upgrade for the Jazz in the vein of Korver for Giricek, although not to that degree.

Filbert Karo said...

Yeah Knight is a pretty good passer.