21 July 2008

Obama's arrogance

Good gravy this latest story from Senator Obama's whirlwind tour of the Middle East is amazing.

Seems Obama met with the Iraqi leadership today and worked out a deal to have all American troops out of Iraq by December 2010.

The International Herald Tribune chooses to portray the White House and McCain's response (ie. this is insane) as angry and unstable.
The four-term Arizona senator, appearing wrong-footed by the Iraq developments, hotly disagreed on troop withdrawals saying any pullout "must be based on conditions on the ground," not arbitrary timelines.
But let's be honest... what the heck is going on? Since when do junior U.S. Senators negotiate with foreign powers regarding American policy?

And I can't stand that the media is completely complacent on this. I know y'all really really want Obama to be the president, but have you no shame?

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Stu said...

I haven't seen or heard anything about this before your post, but I would imagine that any negotiations he has made with anyone over there are highly contingent on him winning the election. And if the leaders of a sovereign nation (not just the terrorist whack-jobs and uninformed public) want the US out, who's to say we should stay? If you don't have support from the government that you put in, who do you have support from?