18 July 2008

Come on, media, at least try to hide your bias

By now you've probably heard that Senator Obama is in the midst of a trip across the Atlantic. He's planning on visiting Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, France and Britain.

Which is fine. I believe he should get over to Iraq and see the situation there firsthand. Same with Afghanistan. I don't quite see the purpose of holding rallies in European countries (do the French have a vote this November?), but I suppose it doesn't hurt anything.

The problem? ABC, CBS and NBC are all sending their major evening news anchors to accompany Obama during this jaunt.

Accompany. Not cover, not report on, accompany. Good gravy. Apparently Senator McCain has been on three foreign trips in the past four months, and not once have any of the major networks sent a network anchor to accompany him.

C'mon guys, I know Obama makes you all tingly inside, but can you at least pretend to be impartial? As one going into the journalism profession, you're embarrassing me.

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