17 July 2008

Parody well done is beautiful

I love satire. I love parody. These writing styles are difficult to do well, but when a writer is talented and works hard at creating them, good things happen.

Along those lines, here's a blog purported to be written by a recently-married Mormon girl living in Utah. It's titled "Seriously, so blessed!" And it's pure genius.

The first thing I read on there was this:

Q: Which Prophet/Mormon/Pioneer ancestor will you name your baby after?
A: Ugh...none! Not to be rude, but what the BOAR-RING and OVERdone! We need something as unique as we are sooo I had the best idea EVER and compiled this list, we're gonna choose a syllable from each row, maybe even out of mason jars and then VOILA! Mixnmatch!

1: Ash/Jay/La/Ky/Hay
2: kay/la/l/br/d
: lin/ee/ly/en/

totally cute + totally fun = totally adorable!

As the trend of "creatively-spelled" names for children is a major pet peeve of mine, this riled me up and made me laugh at the same time.

It's definitely worth a read. Note the writer's use of the Utah accent... "after I get home from four-willing..."

Makes me shudder.

Usually I dislike people mocking the Utah stereotype, but in this case, the quality is so high I'm laughing right along with the author.

Too few example of excellent writing out there. Part of me is glad because that means I'll have some kind of job security, but another part of me is sad to see the decline in writing skills today.


Filbert Karo said...

Hehe its worse. Exspecially, Excaped, Punkins, it's pretty bad here in PG

LaPaube said...

I love it: "Too few example of excellent writing out there." Did you do that on purpose?

Brandon said...

Um, yes. Yes I did. :)