08 July 2008

Biased news reporting

I flipped to KSL for a few minutes this afternoon just to see what was going on in Utah. I happened to catch a report on McCain and Obama's respective plans for helping the economy. Without going into any detail whatsoever, here's how the report went:

Here is McCain's plan. It won't work. Here's an expert saying it will actually raise taxes and create more problems. Also, McCain supports staying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that costs BILLIONS. All this crap about his balancing the budget is bullhonky.

Here is Obama's plan. It is sensible, and will stick it to those rich people while lowering taxes on the poor and middle-class.

The end.

This drives me crazy. Why can't news people just report the news? Their desire to inject opinion into everything is intensely unprofessional, in my opinion. Now, opinion does have a place in newspapers and broadcasts, but it should be labeled as such (ie. opinion columns).



Josh said...

I have $140. So I'm doing excellent

Anonymous said...

You have hit the nail on the head. They can't just report the news because if they did, they could not promote their political agenda. I have a new acronym for their works. I referr to them as the broadcast media or BM. Like the other meaning of this acromyn, that is what their biased words are. So much BM.
Keep up the good work frozen wasteland.

jkaytech said...

thank you for reporting. I have turned CBS news off long ago. Every once in a while like you I check them out. Just like anonymous said, they are BM