08 July 2008

Craig's body recovered

Craig's body was recovered this morning after a search-and-rescue helicopter spotted it not far from where he entered the water Saturday.

Here's the story at ksl.com.

Some clarification on what happened from someone who is apparently Craig's brother (posted in the comments section of the above article):

I am Craig's brother. I want to make sure that people realize that this has been difficult, but a bittersweet experience for all of us. We have been so comforted by the prayers and messages that so many people have left.

In order to put down speculation and make sure people are aware, Craig stepped in to the water (it was only a small sailboat so there wasn't any diving) to save equipment that was necessary to help them get the boat back safely. Once he was in treading water the strong winds carried the boat farther away from him. He struggled in the large waves for a short time before he was overtaken and went down. My parents were unable to get to him even after diving in after him. The weather and the water clarity all made it impossible to reach him in time.

We have been so blessed to have Craig in our lives. He continues on and we will miss him, but know he is still working hard to make us smile. Lets all learn from him and make the world a better place.

Please refer to craig-decker.com for more information and ways to help us both in remembering him and pass on his legacy.

I am glad that the family can have at least some measure of closure.

I recommend visiting http://craig-decker.com. His family has been collecting stories from friends of Craig about what kind of a guy he was. There is some inspiring stuff.

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