03 August 2008

More embarrassment

I think this speaks to itself.

I honestly wonder if my conservative beliefs will hurt my chances at finding a job in this industry.

UPDATE: Demands for context and a source are pouring in. The information is from Investor's Business Daily, as they dug it up from federal campaign contribution records.

An analysis of federal records shows that the amount of money journalists contributed so far this election cycle favors Democrats by a 15:1 ratio over Republicans, with $225,563 going to Democrats, only $16,298 to Republicans .

Two-hundred thirty-five journalists donated to Democrats, just 20 gave to Republicans — a margin greater than 10-to-1. An even greater disparity, 20-to-1, exists between the number of journalists who donated to Barack Obama and John McCain.

Searches for other newsroom categories (reporters, correspondents, news editors, anchors, newspaper editors and publishers) produces 311 donors to Democrats to 30 donors to Republicans, a ratio of just over 10-to-1. In terms of money, $279,266 went to Dems, $20,709 to Republicans, a 14-to-1 ratio.


Jimmy said...

What is this from? I demand history.

Stu said...

It looks like it was off the side of a cereal box... But since we're playing the "show me the money game", I would be curious to see how much in donations from the groups that really matter (i.e. the lobbyists) both sides received.

As for your job prospective... hope that they do discriminate you. Then you have a pretty reasonable chance at a lawsuit. Unless of course you are against the whole "frivolous" lawsuit thing.

Amy said...

You probably will have a hard time as a conservative journalist - I was reading an article in some random publication, that I can't remember now, and it said it can be a good thing, considering there aren't any conservative journalists and sometimes news outlets want one as kind of an affirmative action-type thing. Although, he said he saw a lot of conservative journalists not get picked because they were conservative. I'm with Stu - sue 'em! ;)

But aren't you doing sports? Just don't tell them how you feel about politics in the interview...