16 October 2008


Wow, I've been very inconsistent in my posting lately. I blame the low-quality, knock-off power adapters I've recently bought to replace the one for my laptop that broke after three years. I've had two break on me in about as many months, leaving me without a computer at home while I wait for a replacement to arrive in the mail. 

But on to what's important: big-time game tonight. Win at TCU, and it's another step towards the Cougars getting a BCS berth at the end of the year. Lose, and BYU will find themselves playing a mid-level PAC-10 team in the Vegas Bowl again. Ugh.

The last time BYU won at TCU, John Beck had his breakout game as a college quarterback. He was laser-accurate with his passing, and without that, BYU would have lost, IMO. 

I think the Horned Frogs are going to stack the box and force Max Hall to beat them. I'm not sold on Hall's arm (especially his long ball), but he can make good decisions. If he takes what the defense gives him and doesn't force anything, BYU has a great shot to win.

One more thing, BYU receivers need to run past the first-down marker on third down. Way too often last week the WR's would go four yards on third-and-six or five yards on third-and-eight. Utterly frustrating. It's a very simple thing that has to be fixed.

My prediction: BYU 24-TCU 17.


LaPaube said...

Don't look now...

Stu said...

Oh Snap

Seth said...

That was probably the worst game I've ever seen.

Nick said...

Yeah that game was terrible. I hated watching that.